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A Triple-Prayer to the Mother of the All

Gnosis! Gnosis! We cry out for thy gnosis, O Sige! Silent art thou, thou Void before all things, even before the aeons themselves. Thou Mother of Spirit, before whose creative Kosmos mere kaos is less than dust, we pray unto thee to receive thine supernal gnosis. Holy! Holy! Holy! Sige!

Gnosis! Gnosis! We pray thee thy gnosis, O Charis! Thou art compassionate, the Mother of Love, to whom we pray. In the inmost heart of thine aeon do we seek all miracles, in thy darkly resplendent treasure trove do we seek the true gold of Heaven. Rain down on thy children the healing which resides in the comfort of thy embracing wings, that gnosis which makes all things whole. Holy! Holy! Holy! Charis!

Gnosis! Gnosis! We ask thee thy gnosis, O Sophia! Thou tender Soul of the Fullness in whom was Life then death, and is Life once again, let us glimpse in thee the Redeemer in whose Sacred Heart we are made safe. For we know the thrust-and-stab of homelessness, the screaming desolation of matter apart from thee, even the shattered madness of psyche in which the Light shines not, and we trust in thy perfect sympathy that Incorruptibility descends to claim our incorruptibility by thy refulgent gnosis. Holy! Holy! Holy! Sophia!

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