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Domain Expiring

Just a quick announcement: the domain expires on June 20, at which point this blog’s domain will revert to Anybody who links here and wishes to keep their links current, please be on notice. As you all know, this blog is no longer updated. Please see my current blog, Peace Profound, for ongoing posts.

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New blogging home

Though it has been fun and educational, “The Magical Messiah” can no longer be my blogging home. Thanks, everybody, who has read and remarked over the past few years. This blog will still be up, but will not be updated any longer. Also, the domain name will eventually revert to the WordPress default. For a fuller explanation, you can check out the first post of my new blog, right here. Again, thanks a lot for the support over the years. I hope you can find something of interest over at the new blog, but even if not, I wish you the fullness of Peace.

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A Sincere Call for Responses

January 12, 2012 8 comments

ATTENTION: Religious and spiritual folks who read this blog, I have a question for you and I am very interested in your responses. This is more than idle curiosity, however, for it cuts to the core of both spirituality-as-such and of what I plan on studying in my return to college.

What is your response to (and/or explanation of) the strongly apparent necessity of the physical brain to metaphysical mind? Neuroscience more and more finds direct correlates between brain states and mental states; how does this affect you and your worldview? Do you have any particular religious and/or philosophical responses? In short, what does this seemingly causative relationship from “brain” to “mind” mean?

I have my own ideas, here, but I’m looking for the ideas of others. Please share!

Projects & Books

Sorry to those who occasionally look around here in hopes of finding some new yammering out of me. I’ve been spending all of my mental energy working on a large writing project and an even larger research project (with an eye toward getting a large-scale writing project out of it!), so there really just hasn’t been much to devote to this little blog of mine.

So in the meantime, while I work on the bigger stuff, I’d rather not leave the Magical Messiah to totally languish. In that spirit, I’m going to start posting short descriptions of books I’m reading (or have just finished reading) in the hopes that those others who have read it may tell me what they think, or those who have not read it can post questions or comments about the book or its subject matter. That way, even though the blog itself won’t have a ton of new content (until a shorter article idea pops-up, anyway) there might still be a little bit of discussion here and there to keep things interesting.

Thanks in advance to anybody who chooses to participate!

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December 15, 2010 2 comments

I am presently in the process of changing the approach of this blog. I will provide more details shortly. In the meantime, anybody looking through the archives may find that some entries are disappearing. This is because I have decided to change focus almost entirely from doctrine, theology, and philosophy to practice, with theology et al only coming in where necessary to support the practice. Again, more details to come.

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Ouroboros Gnostic Circle of Pittsburgh

There is a newly-forming Gnostic prayer, meditation and study group forming here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can follow this development, and participate if you are so inclined, at our Facebook page and at our page. You don’t have to be local to Pittsburgh to initiate online discussions at either of those sites!

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The Convocation of the Silver Rose & Golden Cross

September 28, 2010 1 comment

Please take a look at the blog/manifesto of the Convocation of the Silver Rose & Golden Cross. It is an evolving set of principles pointing toward cooperation between all those who seek or serve the Light in the midst of the darkness.