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The “Orthodoxy” vs. “Heresy” Debate Deconstructed

I’m sorry for not posting recently; I’ve had a lot going on.

Anyway, I wanted to quickly throw a link out here that I think is a really important read for anybody interested in Gnosticism.

I identify myself as something of a Valentinian Christian, which places me firmly within the “Gnostic” category by many accounts, and I am absolutely fine with this designation. However, the author of the article linked to below points out some very important things:

  1. No modern Gnostic can claim an unbroken lineage back to Valentinus or any other “Gnostic” teacher;
  2. The term Gnostic itself needs to be understood within its historical context before we can safely use it to describe ourselves or others;
  3. The ancient Gnostics, and related teachers, schools, and congregations, did not view themselves as being “heretics”, but rather they saw themselves as being Christians plain and simple.

If you have an interested in Christian Gnosticism and/or Hermetism, please read this article and think on it:

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