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Some Notes Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Elements

Just as the title would indicate, this is not a complete essay. These are just some notes I’ve recently taken for my own use, and for use in my current book project. I thought that I’d post them here for the use of anybody else who might be interested in a deeper understanding of, and practice with, the Elements.

Sound—Akasha—Omnidirectional—Original Substance
Sight—Light/Fire—Straight Lines—Willed or directed motion
Touch—Air—Whirling—Neutralized motion
Taste—Water—Balanced—Passive motion
Smell—Earth—Inertia—Halted motion

Akasha through the planes:
Spiritual—Pleroma—Supercelestial Heaven
Mental—Akasha—Celestial realm
Astral—Astral Light—Planetary realm
Physical—Ether—Elemental realm

Descending Action — As in creation
Akasha -> Fire -> Water -> Air -> Earth

Ascending Action — As in spiritual growth
Earth -> Water -> Air -> Fire/Light -> Life/Wood (Taoist)
Consider a tree’s growth: from the Earth it grows first with the direct aid of water, then it breaches soil and partakes of air and light, which all produce Life/Wood. In spiritual growth, Life comes about through the dynamic admixture and action of the four Elements, though the matrix of life (Akasha/Ether) and the spirit which animates it are always present. They take advantage of the Elements and their activities to accomplish the goal of reaching back to the Source.

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